The Iceberg’s Fault by Lindsay Littleson

About The Author

Lindsay Littleson began writing for children in 2014 and won the Kelpies Prize for her first children’s novel The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean. The sequel, The Awkward Autumn of Lily McLean, was published by Floris Books in 2017. Guardians of the Wild Unicorns came out in February 2019 and was nominated for the 2020 CILIP Carnegie Medal.  In 2015 her WW1 novel Shell Hole was shortlisted for the Dundee Great War Children’s Book Prize and she enjoyed engaging in research so much that she was inspired to write another two historical books, A Pattern of Secrets, set in Victorian Paisley and her latest novel,  The Titanic Detective Agency. 

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Story Read by Lindsay

Listen to Author Lindsay Littleson Reading her fantastic story ‘The Iceberg’s Fault’.

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Printable Story: The Iceberg's Fault

This story has been written by Lindsay Littleson, who wrote ‘The Titanic Detective Agency’. Click here to see our resources linked to this book.

The themes of this story are: empathy, blame, two sides to the story, and more.

There was no moon that night, and the sky was cloudless. The sea temperature was below freezing, but too warm for me, of course. Greenland-born, forced southward by the tides, I was shrinking as I drifted in the North Atlantic. Very few of us make it this far south, I felt lucky, and grateful for my chance to experience this gloriously calm night, floating with my surviving siblings in an ocean thousands of miles from home.

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Focus: Story Discussion

In this resource, we take apart the short story and explore more surrounding it. 

We provide you with key questions and teaching points to discuss with your class on the story ‘The Iceberg’s Fault’.

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Focus: Listening Skills and Empathy

In this resource your class will focus on their listening skills as listening is an important aspect of empathy.

Your class will firstly learn what empathy is and focus on ‘The Iceberg’s Fault’ story and then they will work with a partner to learn more about each other and how that information can be used to empathise with their friend.

It is important that kids understand that when they learn more about a person, they can use that information to help them when they need it.

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Focus: Comprehension

We have created a comprehension linked to the Titanic story about the iceberg.

We have differentiated it three ways so you can choose which best suits your class.

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Focus: Vocabulary

We have taken a range of the vocabulary from the story for your class to explore more in depth.

Your class will add in the vocabulary to the sentences and then look at definitions and word class.

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For more of our resources linked to Titanic including a: board game, quiz, passengers and crew pictures, newspaper reports, word banks and much more click here.

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