The Titanic Detective Agency

The Titanic Detective Agency

Unlock the secrets of the unsinkable ship… Bertha Watt, tree-climber and would-be polar explorer, is excited to be on RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage, as she leaves Aberdeen behind for the glamour of a new life in America. But Bertha quickly realises that some passengers are behaving strangely, and she determines to unravel their secrets. With new friend, Madge, Bertha sets up her own detective agency to try and solve the mysteries onboard, but they have no idea that disaster is looming for Titanic.

Main Focus: Capital Letters and Full Stops - Blurb

This resource linked to Titanic links to capital letters and full stops.

Your class must identify where the capital letters and full stops go in the blurb. It explores capital letters at the beginning of sentences, peoples names, places and Titanic itself.

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Main Focus: Chapter 1 - Contractions

We have created and differentiated this resource to cater from both KS1 and KS2 to focus on contractions.

Your class must either find where the contractions can go in the passage or if they have been identified, choose which contraction could replace the two words.

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Main Focus: Chapter 1 - Bertha's Feelings

This is a resource for the teacher. We have created a few different notable points from pages 4-5 for you to discuss with your class.

This mostly focuses on Bertha’s feelings towards America and Aberdeen but also touches on similes, viewpoint of America, life in Aberdeen and what we learn about Bertha as a person.

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Main Focus: Sequence of Events - Board Game

This is a brilliant way to help your class relive the events of the fateful evening of the 14th April 1912 and early hours of the 15th April 1912 in the format of a board game.

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Main Focus: Adverbs

This activity linked to The Titanic Detective Agency book focuses on adverbs.

In the first activity your class must identify the adverbs in the sentences taken from pages 7-25 and in the second activity your class can add the adverbs to complete the sentences.

You can choose which best suits your Ks2 class.

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Main Focus: Quiz Questions

This is a 52 question quiz that using general knowledge and facts from the board game to challenge your Ks2 class on Titanic.

Answers are below the questions so it is best the teacher is the quiz master.

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Main Focus: Adjectives Chapter 7

This activity focuses on chapter 7 and adjectives.

Your class must identify the adjectives within the sentences or add the adjectives to the sentences, whichever you feel best suits your KS1 or KS2 class.

Some fantastic adjectives are used in this activity, so it would be worth exploring the meanings during the lesson and even in a follow up lesson.

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Main Focus: Famous Faces

This is a useful resource that can be used for different purposes depending on age group.

You can use it for display purposes, introduction to the faces of passengers and crew etc.

If you have access to the internet it might be nice for your class to explore the faces and names and take one as a focus and report back to the rest on the information they learn. This gives limitless possibilities. 

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Main Focus: Word Class - Chapter 7

This activity challenges your class to locate the different words classes within the sentences from chapter 7.

You class will be looking at nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

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Main Focus: Newspaper Reports - Compare and Contrast

Again, another fantastic open-ended resource for your KS2 linked to Titanic.

We have three different newspaper reports for your class to read. One has been written by us (although completely factually accurate) and the other two are actual articles from 1912.

The two real newspaper articles have very contrasting information which offers a great opportunity for a compare and contrast activity.

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Main Focus: Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives

This resource gives your Ks2 class ideas of nouns, verbs and adjectives linked to Titanic to help with their independent writing.

You can also use the words for research purposes, synonyms, antonyms, definitions and more.

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Main Focus: Inverted Commas

In this activity your class will identify where the inverted commas or speech marks must go in the passage or sentences (easiest). 

We have differentiated this activity to cater for KS1 and KS2.

Scroll through to see if it would suit your class.

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Main Focus: Similes

In this activity your class will be looking at similes used in the book The Titanic Detective Agency from pages 5 up to 120.

You can choose which activity would best suit your KS1/KS2 class: identifying similes, adding words to create similes or analysing similes to see what is being compared.

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Main Focus: Fronted Adverbials - Chapters 15 and 16

This resource focuses on chapter 15 and 16 of The Titanic Detective Agency and fronted adverbials or adverbial phrases.

Your class must read the passages taken from the book and highlight  the adverbial phrases or fronted adverbials.

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Main Focus: Punctuation P140

This is a punctuation resource linked to page 140 of the book.

Your class will add in the capital letters, commas, question marks, exclamation marks and full stops to the passage.

We have differentiated this resource and reduce the amount of punctuation which needs added to the passage. E.g. Our most straightforward resource focuses on capital letters and commas only, with the places marked to help.

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Main Focus: True or False

This is a true or false activity that is linked to chapters 1-18 of the book.

We have differentiated it and broken in down for KS2 and cover some information from the story. 

The first resource covers chapter 1-18, the second chapters 1-11 and the third 12-18.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This is a comprehension linked to chapters 21-22 of the story.

Your class must answer the questions as best as they can using the book to help them.

We have differentiated this resource four was, so have a look to see if it would suit your class.

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Picture PowerPoint

This is a powerpoint showing a range of images of Titanic to explore with your class.

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Footage of Titanic

This video shows footage of Titanic and the Carpathia.

Music is a little haunting so maybe turn it off.

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Titanic Wreck Footage HD

Footage showing the wreckage of Titanic 2 miles below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

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