The Wild One by Lindsay Littleson

Author: Lindsay Littleson

Lindsay has now written a number of stories for us and her descriptions are just a joy to listen to.

Visit Lindsay’s website and learn more about the books she has written by clicking here.

Lindsay Reading 'The Wild One'

Listen to Lindsay reading her short story ‘The Wild One’ which she created solely for Teaching Sparks.

The story focuses on respect for others, friendship, curiosity and bravery.

Lindsay wrote a story about Wild Unicorns. Click here to read more about this fantastic book.

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Printable Story: The Wild One

This story is created by Lindsay Littleson and the themes include: Respect for Others, Friendship, Bravery and more.

Dead leaves crackle underfoot and pale sunlight slants through the slim branches of the Birch trees. It’s chilly, and the cold nips at my nose and fogs my breath. High in the trees, a crow caws, but it’s otherwise quiet in the forest. Then, gun-shot loud, a familiar voice booms, and the crow flaps into the sky on oil-black wings.

“Eva! Wait for me!”

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This is a comprehension linked to the story The Wild One by Lindsay Littleson.

You can choose which comprehension resource best suits your class from the document.

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In this activity, your class will explore some of the fantastic vocabulary used by Lindsay in the story The Wild One.

We have differentiated the resources to cater for KS2 classes and included a word bank to help.

You could also allow your class to listen to the story again and see if they got the words correct and self assess.

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