The Inventor’s Apprentice by Lindsay Littleson

Author Lindsay Littleson

This is another story by Lindsay Littleson.

Each time I read one of Lindsay’s stories I visualise each step of the journey thanks to her fantastic attention to detail in her descriptions.

The Inventor's Apprentice Read by Lindsay

Many KS2 kids will perhaps be going to visit grandma and grandpa at a nursing home, currently or in the near future.

This is a heartwarming story about how a little boy brought memories back for his grandpa who is suffering from alzheimer’s.

Absolutely loved this story and although kids may not need it now, this plants a seed for the future.

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Printable Story: The Inventor's Apprentice

This is the printable story aimed at KS2 of The Inventor’s Apprentice for your class to read.


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Story Discussion Guide

This guide takes apart the story in chunks to discuss and explore with your class. 

We have includes questions to ask, answers and also further reading and teaching points (TPS).

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We have differentiated this comprehension four ways to cater for KS2 classes. 

There are a range of question types asked including retrieval, inference, sequencing, summarising and more.

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Vocabulary Extension

This activity focuses on the vocabulary used in the short story.

We have differentiated this resources so you can choose which best suits your class. You can:

1: Choose from the word bank.

2: Choose from the two words.

3: Insert the words from memory.

We have also included a resource for your class to explore the word class and definitions.

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The Needs of Others

In the story the child put Grandpa’s needs above his own, he brought out the box and started asking Grandpa about the objects. The child is interested in Grandpa and the child might be the only person Grandpa talks to that day. Mum also puts the needs of Mrs Zydeski above her own because she knows that she doesn’t get many visitors.


When we are with others, we are all keen to share what is happening in OUR lives, what is new with us, what we have done or are going to do. This is natural. When we do this constantly, are we considering the needs of others? Relationships with friends and family need to be a two-way thing. To make us better at communicating we need to talk and LISTEN. Be interested in what others have to say, ask questions and respond.

These activities encourage your class to think about how they can put the needs of others above theirs more often.

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