Old Mr. Carello by Ewa Jozefkowicz

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This story has been written by author Ewa Jozefkowicz.

Ewa has four published books and many stories still untold. To find out more click here.


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This is an interesting story about seeing the best in situations. Having a positive mindset and looking for the silver linings. A story about an old man that appears broken, but couldn’t be more complete.

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The Story - Old Mr. Carello


Old Mr. Carello had lived in the flat above ours for as long as I could remember. He’d always looked the same. Grey dishevelled hair standing on end, a shaky leg and an eye patch over his left eye.

“Why does he walk like that?” I’d asked Mum once.

“Oh darling, it’s because of his prosthetic leg. I think it got amputated in the war.”
“And the eye?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. I suppose that could have been from the war too. I don’t like to ask.”

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Your class will read the story or listen to Ewa reading it and then answer the questions in the comprehension.

We have differentiated this resource five ways and have included more retrieval and multiple choice questions in the most straightforward resource.

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