My Secret by Kerry Gibb

Author Kerry Gibb

It’s A Kid’s Life  is one of Kerry’s fantastic, laugh-out-loud must read book for any child aged 7+. Ben Collins is your typical nine year old boy muddling his way through life. As if being a kid isn’t hard enough, his parents have just forced him to start a new school!

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My Secret by Kerry Gibb

This is a story about a kid who has started a new school and is finding the change a challenge.

It explores themes of: friendships, kindness, inclusion, change, loneliness, self reflection and more.


I’ve got a secret to tell you. But you must promise not to tell anyone else, as that’s what friends do with a secret. I hope you’re my friend anyway. You’re interested in my story so that’s a start, I guess. Hopefully by the end you’ll see that I could be your friend.

It’s hard to say it out loud so I’m writing it down instead, as that helps. It always helps to write my thoughts and feelings down when no one else will listen.

So here it goes, my secret is that I’m really an alien from a planet far, far away. A planet where three separate moons glow at night and where purple rain falls from the clouds.

Just kidding! Of course I’m not an alien… I got your attention though, didn’t I?

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Kerry Reading 'My Secret'

Your class can listen to this heartwarming story about how the actions of one kid can change another kid’s whole world by showing kindness and including them.

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This is a comprehension linked to the story My Secret by Kerry Gibb.

We have differentiated this resource four ways so you can choose which best suits your class. One of the resources is multiple choice.

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In this activity linked to the My Secret story by Kerry, we have taken some of the best vocabulary used and your class will try to add the words into the sentences in the story.

Once your KS2 class have finished, you can play the story again and the children can listen and mark their own work.

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