I’m All Ears by Kerry Gibb

Listen to Kerry Reading

Listen to Kerry reading her short story I’m All Ears which is all about being a good listener and ultimately a good friend.

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The Story - I'm All Ears

This is a story about being a good listener and teaches them a few things of how to improve their listening skills and engagement with others.


“Right kids, let’s get our listening ears on,” I hear my teacher say.

I discretely roll my eyes at my friend Sam, sitting next to me. I know better than to get caught doing it. Last time my teacher saw, I got sent to the headteacher. I hadn’t realised at the time that it was considered rude as it’s just something I’ve seen my older brother do when my mum nags him to do his homework. I had tried it out on my teacher when she told me to add a fronted adverbial to my sentence. Let’s just say, she didn’t appreciate me testing out this new form of facial expression on her, and I definitely haven’t done it since!

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This is a comprehension linked to the story “I’m All Ears’ which focuses on how to be a good listener.

We have differentiated this resource four ways.

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