Wildsparks by Vashti Hardy

A secretive guild of inventors have brought spirits of the dead back into the world, harnessing them in animal-like machines. Young Prue has joined as an apprentice, but she’s on a mission of her own: to bring her brother back to life. To find him, she needs to get the ghost machines to remember the people they used to be…

Main Focus: Descriptive Phrases

This Ks2 reading resource covers chapter 1-3 of the story Wildspark and focuses in on descriptive phrases used by Vashti Harty.

Your Year 5 | Year 6 class will also work on their word classification skills as well as have an attempt to add their own descriptive phrases to improve the effectiveness of the sentences from the story.

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Main Focus: Setting Description

This whole class reading resource is aimed at Year 5 / Year 6 and focuses on setting descriptions within chapter 4 of the Wildsparks book by Vashti Hardy.

I love activities like this as it allows your Year 5 | Year 6 class to delve deeper into the choice of words used by the author (Vashti Hardy) and the impact of those words.

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Main Focus: Word Meanings

This Ks2 resource explores a range of vocabulary used in the chapters 7, 8 and 9 and breaks each use down to explore further with your class.

The resource explores origins, suffixes, segmenting words and also encourages your class to think about breaking down the words used in the story to gain a deeper understanding of those words and others with the same prefixes and suffixes.

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Main Focus: Newspaper Report

Your Year 5 | Year 6 class are tasked to write a newspaper report on Hannah Woolstenbury’s discoveries.

They will read chapter 10 of  Wildsparks by Vashti Hardy and make notes on: Where, when and who? Next they will order the events.

Then your KS2 class will look at eyewitness accounts and bias.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This comprehension resource is based on chapter 14 of the Wildspark book and is aimed at Y5|Y6 classes.

Your KS2 class will read the chapter and complete the questions. The questions have been broken into categories: vocabulary, retrieval and inference.

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Main Focus: Non-Fiction Comprehension

This is a non fiction comprehension linked to chapter 17 and the Royal de Luxe

Royal de Luxe are an iconic, almost mythical, street theatre company.  They are a company of inventors, stuntmen, poets and scrap-dealers all at once, led by Jean-Luc Courcoult.  Within their workshops in Nantes, France, they produce giant puppets which travel around the world performing.

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Main Focus: Unstressed Syllables

Unstressed vowels are letters that are not easy to hear in a word. Polysyllabic words – words with more than one syllable – can be tricky to spell in English. This is because these words are pronounced with more stress on some syllables than others.

Your Year 5 | Year 6 class will complete the activities based on unstressed syllables and chapter 20.

Examples –

different        generous      reference

voluntary     desperate     describe

separate       interest         literature

wrapper        raspberry      handsome

doubt             cupboard

government             environment

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Main Focus: Creating Tension

This resource focuses on how the author has created and built up tension in chapter 24.

Your class will explore the use of short sentences, long sentences, powerful verbs, darkness and someone/something, anticipation and more.

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Main Focus: Hyphens

This resource explores the use of hyphens and compound adjectives based on chapter 27 of the story.

A hyphen is shorter than a dash and joins words together. There are no spaces between a hyphen and the words.

twenty-five (not twenty – five)

Hyphens can be used for many reasons, including –

  • Some suffixes ( -based, -elect, -free, -style, -like)
  • Compound adjectives – they glue words together before a noun ( stainless-steel, brightly-lit, long-lasting)

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This Ks2 comprehension resource is based on chapters 28-33 of the Wildspark book.


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