When We Were Warriors

When We Were Warriors

A body washed up on the beach… Evacuation to an old house with forbidden rooms and dark secrets… An animal rescue service…

Set in World War Two, Emma Carroll explores the resilience, resourcefulness and inventiveness of children when their lives fall to pieces.

Main Focus: Two Pair Sentences

This is a great guided reading resource for KS2 that accompanies chapter 2 in the story.

Your Year 5 | Year 6 children will explore how Emma Carroll has used two pairs of adjectives to enhance the descriptions. Each pair is separated by a commas and joined by ‘and’.

Your class will also get the opportunity to enhance their own description by writing their own two pair sentences linked to the characters in the story.

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Main Focus: Non-Fiction Comprehension

This is a brilliant non fiction comprehension linked to the attacks on Pearl Harbour in WW2 and the American Forces.

Your Ks2 children will learn key facts about the American forces from World War 2, which touches on key aspects and information.

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Main Focus: Personification

This guided reading resource for the book When We Were Warriors is based on chapter 9 of Olive’s Army.

The Year 5 | Year 6 resource explores how personification has been used in the impact that has on the reader.

Your Ks2 class will explore a range of uses of personification linked to the weather and how that reflected the character’s mood at the time.

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Main Focus: Character Development

This differentiated resource accompanies chapter 1 and focuses on ways in which the author develops characters using descriptions, details, actions and more.

This resource is great for your class to delve deeper into character building and also provides a good opportunity to look at show not tell. What is the author showing here, but not telling?

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Main Focus: Comprehension - Chapter 9

After reading chapter 9 with your Ks2 class, it is useful to give this comprehension resource to assess how well they have understood different aspects.

The resource is differentiated five ways and is broken up into question categories: Vocabulary, retrieval, inference and comparisons. Should you want one group to take more of a focus on say vocabulary and retrieval, this has been provided within the pack.

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Main Focus: ie & ei spelling

This guided reading resource for Year 5 / Year 6 is linked to chapters 5-7 – Operation Greyhound.

Your class will explore a range of words and they must be able to use the correct spelling, complete the sentences using the correct words and more.

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Main Focus: Relative Clauses

This resource focuses on The Night Visitors – chapter 1 and 2 and is linked to relative clauses.

A relative clause is a type of subordinate clause that is often introduced by a relative pronoun. It gives you extra information about the noun.

Your class will add relative clauses to the sentences provided and will be given opportunities to identify relative clauses in the context of the story.

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Download our pack of extra resources to accompany your WW2 topic work linked to: Air Raid Attacks,  Setting Description, Informal Language and Picture Sources for Pearly Harbour.

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