The Last Bear

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

There are no polar bears left on Bear Island.

At least, that’s what April’s father tells her when his research takes them to an Arctic outpost for six months. But one night April catches glimpse of something distinctly bear-shaped loping across the horizon. A polar bear who shouldn’t be here – who is hungry, lonely and a long way from home. A bear who is missing something – just like April.

Main Focus: Characters - Chapter 1

The first chapter introduces your KS2 class to characters April and Edmund. 

In this activity your Year 3 / Year 4 class will delve deeper into the characters by looking at questions from Chapter 1 of The Last Bear.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary - Chapter 2

This resource covers some of the lovely vocabulary used by Hannah Gold in Chapter 2 of The Last Bear book.

Your class will use the word bank to complete the sentences. They will also choose a few words to explore meanings and synonyms.

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Main Focus: Contractions - Chapter 5 and 6

In this activity, your class will read the sentences from chapter 5 and chapter 6 of The Last Bear book and see where they can replace the two words with contractions.

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Main Focus: Possessive Apostrophes - Chapters 9-12

In this activity, your class will look at the sentences and decide where an apostrophes should be used to show possession.

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Main Focus: Comprehension - Chapter 14

We have created this comprehension linked to chapter 14 of the story ‘The Last Bear’.

You can choose from four different resources to see which would best suit your KS2 class. The final resource is multiple choice and focuses on pages  136-138 only opposed to the whole chapter. 

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Main Focus: Inverted Commas - Chapter 19

This resource focuses on pages 189-190 and inverted commas.

Your KS2 class will identify speech and add in the inverted commas to complete the passages.

We have seven different resources to choose from for your Year 3 / Year 4 class.

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Main Focus: Inference

This resource is linked to chapter 20 and focuses on inference.

Your class must read the extracts from the chapter and determine what can be inferred. There are many things that can be inferred so we have included a few in the answer sheet and the multiple choice resource.

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Main Focus: Non-Fiction Pack - Non-Chronological Report

In this resource pack your class will learn some information about polar bears.

Once your class have read the non-fiction resource, they can they complete the true or false activity or comprehension.

We have also included a resource on how to ‘speak’ polar bear.

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About Polar Bears

A resource that your class can use to learn more about polar bears.

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Polar Bears Swimming

Watch this up close encounter with a swimming polar bear and her cubs.

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Hunting for Seals

This is a fantastic clip that shows a polar bear hunting for seals and how it avoids the seal smelling the bear’s scent.

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