The Iron Man

The Iron Man By Ted Hughes

This is a newly released version, illustrated by Chris Mould.

The Iron Man came to the top of the cliff. Where had he come from? Nobody knows. How was he made? Nobody knows.

But one little boy realises that the Iron Man is not here to destroy the Earth. He could even save the planet from a new, more deadly danger.

Main Focus: Capital Letters and Full Stops

This resource cover the introductory page in the story of The Iron Man and is linked to capital letters and full stops.

Whether you are trying to get your class to identify capital letters and full stops to finding the correct locations when the punctuation is missing, we’ve got it covered.

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Main Focus: Adjectives - Chapter 1

This resource is aimed at year 3 and year 4 children to help them improve their writing by adding in and being able to identify adjectives.

This resource is based on chapter 1 of the story and includes sentences from the book.

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Main Focus: Sequencing - Chapter 1

This resource is linked to sequencing events from chapter 1.

Your class will be challenged to read the passages and place them into order to rebuild the Iron Man in the same order as the story.

This is a lovely sequencing task for your ks2 class which can then be done as a picture storyboard.

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Main Focus: Adverbs - Chapter 2

This guided reading resource is based on the beginning of chapter 2 when Hogarth meets the Iron Man for the first time.

This resource covers a range of adverbs including: worryingly, sharply, anxiously, happily, quietly, hurriedly, horrifyingly and loudly.

Once your class have complete the activity, they can use the list to write sentences of their own from the rest of chapter 2.

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Main Focus: Fronted Adverbials

This pack helps your class work on identifying, inserting and thinking of fronted adverbials to best fit the spaces within the passage.

The passage is a recount from the point of Hogarth’s father when he first met the Iron Man.

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Main Focus: Recount

This is a recount retelling the events of the first encounter between Iron Man and Hogarth’s father.

He describes the events, his feelings and actions which resulted in a lucky escape.

The recount is accompanied by questions for your class.

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Main Focus: Punctuation - Chapter 3

This ks2 guided reading resource focuses on your class identifying and adding in the correct punctuation from a passage from chapter 3.

Your class will focus on inverted commas, question marks, exclamation marks and commas.

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Main Focus: Similes - Pages 2-89

This resource is brilliant to introduce your children to comparisons made within writing in the form of similes.

Your class will use the word bank to complete the sentences. The sentences have been taken from pages 2-89 of The Iron Man book.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This is a comprehension based on chapter 4, pages 96-98 when the creature lands on earth and is attacked by the people of the world.

This comprehension will encourage your class to reflect on the events and think deeper into the story through a range of question styles.

Questions link to: summaries, predictions, words and meanings, retrieval, inference, finding evidence and more.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary - Chapter 1

After reading chapter 1 with your class take time to reflect on some of the vocabulary used by the author.

This resource for KS2 gives your class the opportunity to learn new words, look up definitions, read them in context and then apply to a new context.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary - Chapter 2

Look more closely at the vocabulary used in chapter 2 with your class by downloading our resource for Year 3/ Year 4 classes.

Explore the context in which the words have been used to encourage your class to predict their meanings and then apply to their writing.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary - Chapter 3

Check out the vocabulary to explore with your class after reading chapter 3 of The Iron Man book.

Exploring vocabulary is a fantastic way to help your class improve the quality and precision of their writing. Sometimes children know what they want to say, but they just don’t have the words.

It will also help them during the editing process if there is a word that better emphasises what they wish to say.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary - Chapter 4

This resource explores the words used on chapter 4 of the story when the monster introduces itself to the Earth.


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Main Focus: Vocabulary - Chapter 5

The final chapter of the story and we have included a range of the vocabulary used to be explored by your class.

We have also included the sentences where the words have been used.

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