Leon and the Place Between

Leon and the Place Between

Wanting to prove to his brothers and sister that magic really exists, Leon volunteers to be in Abdul Kazam’s magic show and gets transported to a mysterious world. Filled with rabbits, doves, playing cards and magician’s assistants – among other things – if a magician can make it disappear, it will end up in the Place Between!

Main Focus: Sequencing

Encourage your children to reflect on what they have read in the story and sequence the events in chronological order.

This ks2 reading resource has different levels of differentiation and starting points for your Year 3 / Year 4 class and includes the answers.

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Main Focus: Word Class

This resource focuses on the entire book and word class.

Your class are challenged to identify different nouns, verb, adjectives and adverbs from the story and group them.

The resource is differentiated to take a more narrow focus.

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Main Focus: Comprehension (Pages 1-12)

This comprehension resource for Year 3 / Year 4 is based on pages 1-12 of the story.

Your children must read the story and then answer the questions. 

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Main Focus: Comprehension 2 (Pages 13-end)

This is our second comprehension resource for Ks2 based on the book Leon and the Place Between.

Your children must read the story from pages 13 onwards and then answer the questions. 

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Main Focus: Inverted Commas

This resource helps your children with inverted commas from a few pages throughout the story.

Your children will either: identify the inverted commas, highlight the dialogue, insert the inverted commas with guidance or add in the inverted commas without guidance.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary

Help your children improve their vocabulary by focusing on the words chosen by the author.

Your class will select the most appropriate vocabulary to complete the sentences.

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Main Focus: Suffix -ed

A suffix is a group of letters which are added to the end of a word to make a new word. Your class will read up to page twelve, where they see Leon’s face and will complete this table for words with the suffix -ed.

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Main Focus: Suffixes -ing, el, -le, -ly, and -al

This is another resource that focuses on suffixes used in the story.

Your KS2 class will learn a few rules as they progress through the activities.

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Main Focus: Descriptive Writing

In this activity your class must design their own circus and use high quality adjectives and descriptive phrases.

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