Imaginary Fred

Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer

Fred is an imaginary friend who floats like a feather in the clouds, waiting for a lonely child to wish him into existence. He is a faithful companion, providing friendship, comfort and ultimately the confidence to seek real friends. Once this happens, Fred begins to fade until the wind whisks him back into the clouds to await the call from another lonely child. 

When he is summoned by Sam, Fred has never been so happy. Calling themselves the Dramatic Duo, the pair have great fun together, acting out plays, reading books, even figuring out how the toilet works. However, when Sam inevitably meets a real friend, it is with a heavy heart that Fred prepares to disappear once again. 

Main Focus: Apostrophes

This punctuation resource for Year 3 / year 4 focuses on apostrophes. Your class must identify the apostrophes used in the story and give explanations as to why it has been used.

Is it a possessive apostrophe or contraction?

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Main Focus: Punctuation

In this resource your class will work on their editing skills to add in the punctuation to the sentences.

Your class will add in capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks, question marks and commas.

We have differentiated this resource to help some children identify where the punctuation should go.

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Main Focus: Inverted Commas

In this resource your class must add in the inverted commas / speech marks to the passage of the book Imaginary Fred.

We have made the resource simpler and more challenging depending on your class.

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Main Focus: Spelling

In this reading resource for Year 3 / Year 4, your class must identify the spellings from the list or in the passage and write the correct spelling or the words.

We have also included alphabetical order and homophone activity within the resource.

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Main Focus: Homophones

In this resource, your KS2 class must identify the correct homophones to complete the sentences or the passage.

They must then identify more homophones from the list provided and using their own knowledge or research.

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Main Focus: Comprehension (First Half of the Book)

This is a comprehension based on the story Imaginary Fred and is aimed at Year 3 and Year 4.

Your class must answer the questions as best as they can once they have read the story up until ‘I Promise’.

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Main Focus: Comprehension (Second Half of the Book)

This comprehension is linked to the second half of the story to complete once your class have read it.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary Extension

In this activity we have taken some of the lovely vocabulary used in the story to enable your class to explore the words in more depth.

Your Year 3 / Year 4 class will look at words and meanings, using it in the context of the story and applying to a new context to show their understanding.

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Main Focus: Word Class

This resource helps your class work on their understanding of nouns, powerful verbs, adjectives and adverbs from the passages.

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