Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Charlie Bucket lives on the outskirts of town with his poverty-stricken family: his parents and all four grandparents. Each day on his way to school, Charlie passes the best and biggest chocolate factory in the world, run by the secretive Willy Wonka. When Charlie’s father loses his job, things go from bad to worse.

Main Focus: Finding Evidence

This resource focuses on chapter 1 and 2 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and finding evidence.

In this activity, your class will learn more about Charlie Bucket and his family.

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Main Focus: Spelling/ Editing

Your class will read through the passages taken from chapter 2 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and find all the spelling mistakes and correct them.

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Main Focus: Prefixes

Prefixes can be used to form antonyms (opposites). There are many prefixes missing in this summary of the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Your class will add the prefix mis-, dis-, un- , im- or in- to give the word the opposite meaning. 

We have differentiated this resource six ways to cater for Year 3 / Year 4 classes.


Charlie Bucket and his family lived together in a small house. They had insufficient money to live on so they had very little food to eat. Charlie had one chocolate bar each year so he thought it would be __possible for him to find a golden ticket because of this __advantaged background. However, this was __correct! He was __able to hide his excitement when he found the final ticket.

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Main Focus: Comprehension - Chapter 8

This resource linked to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory focuses on chapter 8 and comprehension.

We have created this comprehension for KS2 and have differentiated it to suit your Year 3 / Year 4 class.

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Main Focus: Punctuation - Chapter 12 and 13

Your Year 3 / Year 4 class will read the passage and punctuate the sentences by adding in capital letters, commas, exclamation marks, question marks, inverted commas, apostrophes and full stops.

We have differentiated this resources 8 ways and have also included an answer sheet for your class to refer to once completed.

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Main Focus: Willy Wonka Description

Your class will read this extract from Chapter 14 carefully.

They will then use the information to draw their own picture of Mr Wonka both full length and a close up of his face.

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Main Focus: Inverted Commas - Chapter 17

Your class will focus on inverted commas and chapter 17 for this activity.

We have differentiated this resource a number of ways so you can choose what your class focus on. Finding the inverted commas or adding them in. There are five resources total.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary - Chapter 18

In this activity, your class will look at some of the vocabulary used in chapter 18 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book and complete the activities.

This resource focuses on using the words in context of the story, meanings and applying to a new context.

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Main Focus: Haiku Poetry

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems have three lines and do not usually rhyme. The first and last lines of a Haiku poem contain 5 syllables and the middle line contains 7 syllables.

Your Ks2 class will count the syllables in each line of these Haiku poems in the resources and check if they have been written correctly?

Your class will then try to write their own about other characters.

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Main Focus: Apostrophes

This resource focuses on chapter 21 and apostrophes.

Your class will insert the apostrophes where required, write the word/words and record the reason why the apostrophe has been used.

We have six different resources so you can choose which best suits your class.

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Main Focus: Non-Fiction - How Chocolate is Made

In this activity, your class will read the passages on how chocolate is made.

Your class will then place then instructions into order or summarise the main points from memory.

The second activity is a Cloze style activity whereby your class will place the words into the sentences.

Answers have been provided.

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Extra: Wordsearch and Secret Message

Your class will try to find all the key words from the book in the word search and then there will be many unshaded words in the grid. Beginning from the top and reading from left to right, write the letters down in the spaces below to reveal a fact about the book’s author!

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