Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy

A fast-paced fantasy adventure that will set your imagination soaring! Twins Arthur and Maudie Brightstorm receive word in Lontown that their famous explorer father has died in a failed attempt to reach the southernmost point in the world.

Main Focus: Apostrophes

In this activity your children will work on the use of apostrophes from chapters 1 and 2. Some of your children will recognise and identify how an apostrophe is used for a contraction and others will look at apostrophes to show possession.

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Main Focus: Character Description

This resource explores a few characters from the story and focuses in on descriptions of those characters. This helps your children identify the terminology used by the author and the effect that has in building up a picture inside the reader’s head. Your KS2 children will also have the opportunity to reflect on the descriptions and answers questions, identify links and make comparisons.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This comprehension is from pages 71-71 within Chapter 8 of the story. Your children will be challenged to reflect on different aspects of the chapter and also tools the writers uses for effect. This worksheet pack has been differentiated five ways to cater for all abilities in your Year 3 and Year 4 class.

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Main Focus: Expanded Noun Phrases

This pack is a great resource to help your class to identify expanded noun phrases used within Chapter 18 of the story. Your KS2 children will need to recognise the nouns and how the author has added a description to make the sentence an expanded noun phrase.

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Main Focus: Suffixes & Vocabulary Extension

Your class will focus on the suffixes: al/ol/le/el in this activity. Using the words from Chapter 17, your children will extend their vocabulary as well as being challenged to locate the words containing the listed suffixes within the chapter.

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Main Focus: Word Class

Have your class read Chapter 4 from the story before completing this activity. In this activity, your children will focus on identifying the different classes of words. They will cover: – Nouns – Verbs – Adjectives – Adverbs Your Year 3 / Year 4 class will read extracts from the chapter and identify the words used.

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Extra Tasks

Here are a few extra tasks for your class linked to creativity and inference.

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