We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

There is little introduction needed for this modern classic…

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is about an adventure-seeking family who embark on a journey in search of a bear.

Main Focus: Reading and reenactment of the story

This is a fantastic video resource that shows author Michael Rosen reenacting the story with fantastic expression, sounds effects, musical patterns and more to engage your class.

Your class can also learn the actions, onomatopoeia and recurring phrases.

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Main Focus: Adjectives

This activity is linked to adjectives and is aimed at Year 1 / Year 2 classes. This book includes many different adjectives for your class to identify.

Your children will read the passage or sentences and choose appropriate adjectives to write in the missing spaces.

Your class are then challenged to think of their own adjectives for some of the characters from the story.

Another activity linked to adjective could be when the book describes the bear’s appearance.

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Main Focus: Onomatopoeia

This activity focuses on the onomatopoeia used in the book as well as a range of other examples for your children to identify from the associated pictures.

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Main Focus: Capital Letters and Full Stops

This is a punctuation activity aimed at Y1 and Y2 children. Your class will read the sentences taken from the book and punctuate them by adding in capital letters and full stops.

This resource has been differentiated a number of ways so you can choose which best suits your class.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary Extension

This is a great resource to help your class improve their vocabulary.

The story doesn’t have many words that will be new to your class so we have created a resource and added a few more adventurous words which best describes what’s happened in the story.

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Main Focus: Phonics

This is a phonics activity that focuses on a range of sounds to help your children identify particular sounds within words in the passage.

We have created a few different resources that focus on different phases, and have also included a blank resource so you or your children can choose sounds to focus on.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This is a differentiated comprehension resource linked to the entire book of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt aimed at KS1 classes.

Your class will answer a range of questions linked to the book and we have also included a multiple choice resource.

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Main Focus: Story Sequencing

In this sequencing activity, your class will read the extracts from the story and then place them into chronological order.

It might be useful to allow your class to cut out the extracts and then place them into order.

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Main Focus: Non-Fiction - Bears

This is a great non-fiction resource linked to bears that your KS1 class will find informative.

This activity is filled with quick facts about the different types of bears, diet, key features and more. It also touches on extinction and proper names for males, female and groups.

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