The Storm Whale

The Storm Whale by Benji Davies

Noi lived with his dad and six cats by the sea. Last summer, Noi rescued a little whale that had washed ashore after a storm.

Main Focus: Word Class

This resource is useful when looking at nouns, verbs and adjectives with your class.

The children will read through the extract taken from the story and identify word types based on their understanding.

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Main Focus: Phonics

This reading resource is linked to phonics for Year 1 and Year 2 and covers phase 2 to phase 6.

Your Ks1 class will read the passages and identify words with chosen sounds.

This is a great way to link your phonics into reading lessons.

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Main Focus: Questions

This reading activity focuses on questions and your class will read a range of answers and determine what the questions are.

Your Ks1 class will also be encourages to ask questions to Noi to encourage a greater reflection on the story.

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Main Focus: Alphabetical Order

This resource focuses on alphabetical order.

Your class will take the words highlighted from the story and place them into alphabetical order. 

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Main Focus: Capital Letters and Full Stops

This activity focuses on capital letters and full stops.

There are different levels of this activity. Some of your children can identify where the capital letters and full stops go in simple sentences whilst others in more complex sentences.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This resource focuses on comprehension for KS1 classes.

After reading the story your class will see how much information they have retained by answering retrieval questions.

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Main Focus: Story Sequencing

This reading resource is linked to story sequencing and The Storm Whale. Your class must order the events in the story in order in which they happened.

The resource includes written passages and pictures to cater for both Year 1 and Year 2 children.

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Main Focus: Word Mat

This resource includes a word mat to help your class with the spelling of some of the key words and vocabulary associated with the story. This helps with independent writing.

It also includes a cloze style activity whereby the children can add in the missing words of pictures to complete the sentences.

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