The Secret of Black Rock

The Secret of Black Rock

The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd-Stanton

This surreal modern folk-tale tells the story of an adventurous young girl who must protect a peaceful living creature. Erin is fascinated by the stories of Black Rock: a huge, dark and spiky mass that is said to destroy any boats that come near it!

Main Focus: Vocabulary Extension

This is a great resource to help your children reflect more on the choices of vocabulary used in the story.


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Main Focus: Spelling

This is a great resource written from the perspective of Black Rock. The resource highlights a typical day and allows for discussions and text reflections with your class.

The resource includes many words from the Year 2 spelling lists and involves the children correcting the spelling errors.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This resource encourages your class to show what they understand from the first part of the book.

They will read the text carefully and then answer the range of questions to develop their comprehension skills.


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Main Focus: Apostrophes

This resource pack allows your children to work on using apostrophes for possession.

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Main Focus: Capital Letters and Full Stops

In this resource your children must add in the capital letters and full stops to the passage.

There are a range of differentiated sheets and the children can also use the punctuated template to help.

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Main Focus: Phonics

Your class will be trying to find the different sounds within the words in the passage. There are two passages to choose from and 10 pages total.

The resource pack covers:

ea, i-e, a-e, ai, ou, u-e and o-e

er, ar, ur, or, ie, ai and ou

ck, sh, oo, ch, ay, ow and ng

st, sh, sm, ch, sc, bl and pl

Have a look through the resources…

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Main Focus: Tense

In this resource, your Year 2 class will work on differentiating between past and present tense sentences and words.

They must also look at how words are changed by adding ‘ed’ and substituting the ‘y’ for ‘ied’.

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