The Proudest Blue

Main Focus: Front Cover

In this resource your class will answer questions based on their observations of the front cover.

This resource is differentiated 2 ways.

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Main Focus: True or False

This is a true or false activity based on ‘The Proudest Blue’.

Your class will read the statements and based on their understanding will decide whether the statements are true or false.

This resources has been differentiated 3 ways.

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Main Focus: Complete the sentences P10 - 14

Using a word bank, your class will have to fill in the blanks and complete the sentences. This resource is based on pages 10-14.

This resource is differentiated 3 ways.


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Main Focus: Adjectives

In this activity, an image extract has been taken from ‘The Proudest Blue’ your class using adjectives will describe the image.

We have created 2 resources for this activity to suit your class.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

After reading ‘The Proudest Blue’ allow your class to complete this comprehension  based on their understanding of the book.

This resource is differentiated 5 ways.

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