The Egg

The Egg

When George finds a large, mysterious egg in the chicken coop, he can’t resist taking it to his room and waiting to see what will happen. He nurtures the giant egg with bedtime stories and makes sure to keep it warm. Then one day out hatches a dragon!


Main Focus: Expanded Noun Phrases

The main focus of this KS1 guided reading resource is expanded noun phrases linked to the story ‘The Egg’.

Your Year 1 / Year 2 children will use/create the nouns and adjectives from the story to make their sentences more descriptive and interesting.

Your Year 1s can use the first resource and look at the pictures to create a list of adjectives and then add the words to the sentences given. Your more able year 1s can look at the simple word banks to help match the nouns and adjectives  to create expanded noun phrases.

Your Year 2s can use the lists given to create their own expanded noun phrases with your more able creating their own word banks and then sentences.


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Main Focus: Word Class

This Ks1 guided reading resource linked to The Egg book is aimed at Year 1 / Year 2 has 7 different activity sheets that cover nouns, v verbs and adjectives.

Your Ks1 class must identify the nouns, verbs and adjectives from the words used within the extract that has been taken and modified for the purposes of the activity.

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Main Focus: Phonics

The Year 1 / Year 2 literacy focus of this activity is linked to phonics and helps your Ks1 class look more closely as the words used in the story and the sounds used within them.

This guided reading resource covers: initial blends, final sounds, vowel sounds and split digraphs. Your Ks1 class can also have the opportunity to look for sounds themselves using the blank template.

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Main Focus: Capital Letters and Full Stops

This resource helps your children work on adding capital letters and full stops whilst working on the text.

Depending on the starting point of your Ks1 class, you can choose from a range of levels. Browse through the differentiated resources and see it it would suit your Year 1 / Year 2 class at this stage.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary Extension

This resource encourages your Year 1 / Year 2 class to look more closely at the words used in the book ‘The Egg’ and be able to use them in the context of the story.

In this guided reading activity your class will used the word bank to complete the sentences, they can also edit the sentences to improve the words that have been substituted or they can use the pictures to get a visual of what the words mean and then try to write their own sentences.

This resource has 6 different activity sheets.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This is a Ks1 comprehension for the story The Egg and covers the whole book.

Your class will answer different questions linked to the story touching on retrieval, sequencing, reflection, predictions and more.


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Main Focus: Alphabetical Order

This Ks1 activity focuses on the club from the story and alphabetical order.

Your children will read the blurb, look at the words that have been underlined and then place them into alphabetical order.

Once that has been completed they will then choose six words of their choice to order.

This resource covers first and second  letter ordering. Should your children require further depth then there is a blank template to allow for this.

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Main Focus: Story Reflection

This resource is a reflective aspect to help your children reflect more on different aspects of the story.

It encourages them to think a little deeper to recall events, ask questions, reflect on their viewpoints and understanding, revisit some key words and vocabulary used and more…

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Main Focus: Adjectives

In this activity linked to The Egg, your class will read through the sentences and identify the adjectives or place the adjectives into the sentences, whichever your think would suit your Year 1 / Year 2 class best.

We have differentiated this resource four ways.

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Main Focus: Apostrophes for Possession

In this activity, your class will add in the apostrophes to the sentences to show possession.

We have differentiated this resource to make it easier and more challenging depending on which stage and time of the year it is with your class.

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