The Colour Monster

The Colour Monster by Anna Llenes

The poor little colour monster is all mixed up. He is red, green, yellow, blue and black, all at the same time. It’s making him very confused and he doesn’t know why.

Luckily, he has a friend who helps him to see that the colours are his feelings, and he can sort them out by identifying each one separately and understanding how it makes him feel.

Striking collage-effect illustrations add depth, energy and intensity to a picture book that can be read as a simple story about friendship, or used to allow youngsters to identify and explore feelings of happiness, anger, sadness, calm and fear. Deceptively simple, surprisingly powerful and satisfyingly reassuring.

Covid 19 & Story Study PowerPoint (30 Slides)

This PowerPoint includes 30 slides that explores The Colour Monster book and also Covid 19.

Your class will reflect on their time in lockdown and feelings associated with it. 

By using the class activities, your class will share their experiences with their peers through discussions, talking and listening activities.

This is a fantastic resource for starting back!

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Main Focus: Phonics

This is a phonics resource linked to phases 3-6.

Your class must identify the sounds within the words of The Colour Monster story.

We have also included a few blank resource so your class can choose their own sounds.

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Main Focus: Word Mat

In this resource aimed at KS1, your class will insert the words or the pictures from the word mat to complete the sentences.

They can also use this resource as a reference when writing independently or giving a recount of The Colour Monster book.

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Main Focus: Recognising Feelings

In this resource your class will read the statements written in first person and determine the feeling associated.

We have written a sentence for each feeling E.g. 

I am yellow like the sun, and I twinkle like the stars.

What feeling am I?

We also included a resource to allow your class to create their own sentences. They can then swap their page with a partner to read and circle the correct feelings.

This is a useful resource to not only check they are grasping and following the content of the story but also to begin to identify the actions associated with the feelings.

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Main Focus: Adjectives

This activity encourages your class to focus on adjectives to describe the feelings as described in the story. 

It is important to recognise that feelings themselves are also adjectives so essentially they are looking at synonyms.

Your class will also think of their own adjectives to include to complete the passage or sentences.

We have differentiated this resource to cater for Ks1 classes, so have a look through the resources.

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Main Focus: Alphabetical Order

In this activity, your class will place the words into alphabetical order. We have created six different resources for this activity so you can choose the level of difficulty for your kids.

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Main Focus: Contractions

In this activity, your class will recognise that by joining two words together they can create a contraction. Contractions have an apostrophe. 

Your class will identify where they can create contractions within the passage. We have differentiated to change the level of difficulty for you Year 1 and Year 2 class.

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Main Focus: Punctuation

This is a punctuation based activity aimed at Ks1 classes.

When teaching punctuation in KS1 we are always trying to encourage our children to use capital letters and full stops more often.

This resource helps children recognise where capital letters go within simple and complex sentences and also between sentences.

Your Year 1 or Year 2 class will punctuate the sentences linked to The Colour Monster Book.

We have created six different variations of this resource so you can choose which best suits your class.

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Main Focus: Questioning

This resource encourages your class to use answers to write suitable questions.

This not only develops their questioning and reading for meaning skills, but also, encourage them to recognise that information in questions can help structure answers and vice versa. 

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Main Focus: Vocabulary Extension

In this activity, your class will focus on some of the vocabulary used in the book.

Your class will look and words and simple synonyms and then add the words to complete the passage or sentences depending on which variation of the resource you choose for your Year 1 / Year 2 class.

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Main Focus: Story Sequencing

Your class will read the extracts taken from the story and place the events into chronological order.

This focuses on reading events, processing the information, and recalling the events to sequence them into order.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This is a comprehension linked to The Colour Monster book for Year 1 / Year 2.

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