The Bog Baby

The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis

When two small sisters go fishing to the magic pond, they find something much better than a frog or a newt. They find a bog baby. Small and blue with wings like a dragon, the girls decide to make him their secret. I won’t tell if you won’t.

But the bog baby is a wild thing, and when he becomes poorly, the girls decide they must tell their mum. And she tells them the greatest lesson, if you really love something, you have to let it go.

Main Focus: Word Mat

This is a KS1 reading resource aimed at both Year 1 and Year 2 linked to the story The Bog Baby.

Your class must complete the sentences by either adding in the words or pictures from the word mat.

The word mat can also be used for independent story writing or a recount of The Bog Baby story.

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Main Focus: Phonics

This reading resource is linked to phonics and allows your class to find a range of sounds within the passage from phases 3-6 in phonics.

We have included a resource that allows your class to choose their own sounds too to make it a more open ended activity.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary Extension

This resource explores some of the lovely vocabulary used in The Bog Baby story by Jeanne Willis.

Your class will explore simple synonyms of the words and place the vocabulary in the context of the story.

You can also allow your class to use the words in a new context to consolidate their understanding.

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Main Focus: Capital Letters and Full Stops

This is a punctuation activity for Year 1 and Year  2 linked to the story.

Your KS1 class must punctuate the sentences by adding in the capital letters and full stops to simple and complex sentences.

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Main Focus: Questioning

In this reading activity, your class must write suitable questions to match the answers given linked to the story.

This activity helps your class use information to write questions.

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Main Focus: Alphabetical Order

In this activity your KS1 class will read the passage taken from The Bog Baby and place the chosen words into alphabetical order.

We have differentiated the resource and included an open ended activity to allow your class more freedom to showcase their understanding.

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Main Focus: Word Class

This resource covers nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Your class will read the passage and categorise words of their choice.

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Main Focus: Adjectives

In this activity, your Year 1 / Year 2 class will place the adjectives into the correct spaces to complete the sentences.

They will then draw a bog baby and write adjectives to describe it.

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Main Focus: Story Sequencing

This reading resource for KS1 focuses on story sequencing.

Your class must place the events from the story into chronological order. Some passages have been reduced and numbered to assist some groups.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

This is a great way to end your whole class reading of The Bog Baby with your KS1 class.

Your class will remember what they can from the story to answer the comprehension questions as best as they can.

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