Rabbit and Bear – Rabbit’s Bad Habits

Rabbit and Bear - Rabbit's Bad Habits

Bear wakes up early from hibernation and because she can’t sleep, she is eager to build a snowman. Rabbit has never built a snowman, but of course he wants to make one that’s even better than Bear’s. But with an avalanche and a hungry wolf heading his way, Rabbit soon realises that it might be nice to have a friend on your side.

Main Focus: Comprehension Pages 1-9

This is a comprehension aimed at Year 2 for the book Rabbit and Bear – Rabbit’s Bad Habits.

Your class will read the book from pages 1-9 and answer the questions.

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Main Focus: Character Study - Pages 1-31

This resources for Year 2 / Year 3 focuses on Bear and Rabbit from pages 1-31 at the beginning of the book.

We have gathered some sentences that tell us a little bit about both characters and your class will answer the questions we have asked.

We have four different activities, which includes a multiple choice sheet.

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Main Focus: Comprehension (Pages 49-65)

This activity focuses on the stage of the story where the Wolf comes to eat Rabbit.

This is a comprehension aimed at Year 2 classes. Your class will read pages 49-65 of Rabbit’s Bad Habits and answer the questions as best as they can.

We have also included a multiple choice sheet.

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Main Focus: Adjectives - Pages 1-80

This resource focuses on the first 80 pages of Rabbit’s Bad Habits and adjectives.

We have a few resources for this activity so you can choose which best suits your groups and Year 1 / Year 2 class.

Your class must read the sentences from the book and then identify the adjectives. They must then see if they can add the adjectives from the word bank into the sentences.

Scroll through the resources to have a look.

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Main Focus: Contractions

This activity focuses on contractions from throughout the story of Rabbit and Bear , Rabbit’s Bad Habits.

We have differentiated this resource seven ways so you can choose which way you want to complete the activity and the level of difficulty.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary

This activity focuses on some of the lovely vocabulary used in the book.

Your class will add the words into the sentences taken from the story and can also look at matching the words to the definitions.

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Main Focus: Speech and Inverted Commas

This activity focuses on pages 67-80 of the story of Rabbit’s Bad Habits and is based on identifying speech and inverted commas.

The activity is aimed at year 2 and year 3.

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Main Focus: Punctuation (pages 90-End)

This activity focuses on punctuation and helping your class identify whether to place a comma or a full stop within sentences.

Your class will then read given sentences about the story and decide whether or not they have been punctuated correctly.

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Main Focus: Compare and Contrast

In this activity, your class will explore how Rabbit has changed from the beginning to the end of the story.

This is a compare and contrast activity that highlights different things Rabbit says and how that portrays him as a character.

Your class will read the sentences taken and summarise the character in their own words.

The second activity involves your class thinking of adjectives or choosing from the list of adjectives to describe Rabbit.

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