Into the Forest

Into the Forest by Anthony Browne

One morning a young boy wakes up to find that Dad is gone. When Mum sends the boy to deliver a cake to Grandma, he decides to cut through the forest, a route he’s been warned not to take. Soon he’s off on a strange, dreamlike journey full of fairy-tale illusions.

Main Focus: Word Mat & Cloze Activity

This is a word mat and cloze activity that your class can complete.

You can choose whether your class focus on adding in the words or pictures to complete the sentences.

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Main Focus: Alphabetical Order

This reading resource for Ks1 classes Year 1 and Year 2 focuses on alphabetical order.

Your class must read the passage carefully and place the chosen words into alphabetical order. We have created different levels of difficulty within this resources and also one that allows your class to choose words themselves.

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Main Focus: Capital Letters and Full Stops

Look at these sentences about the story. Correct the sentences by adding in the capital letters and full stops.

This punctuation resource is aimed at Year 1 / Year 2 classes and focuses on capital letters and full stops.

We have differentiated this resource to cater for different abilities, covering simple and more complex sentences.

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Main Focus: Contractions

This resource explores the contractions used in a passage of the story.

Your Year 1 / Year 2 class will find the contractions, write the contraction and then write the two words that makes up the contraction.

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Main Focus: Phonics

This reading resource based on the book Into the Forest by Anthony Browne focuses on phonics.

We have covered the different phases in phonics and included a blank resource so your class can choose sounds of their choice from the passage.

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Main Focus: Vocabulary Extension

We have chosen some of the key vocabulary from the story to explore. 

Your class will add the words to the sentences and also look at a few words and meanings.

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Main Focus: Story Sequence

In this activity your class will sequence the events into chronological order.

It is useful to allow some of your groups to cut out the sentences from the story to let them edit.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

Once you have completed reading the story Into the Forest by Anthony Browne, complete this comprehension to check the understanding of the children in your class.

Questions are asked from events throughout the story and are mostly retrieval. 

We have differentiated this KS1 reading resource so you can choose a resource or two that best suit the age and ability of your class.

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Main Focus: Word Class

In this activity your class will read the passage and identify the nouns, verbs and adjectives used and put them into the correct category.

This is useful to complete once children have grasped the difference between the word classifications.

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Main Focus: Adjectives

This resource focuses on adjectives and your class will add the adjectives to complete the passage.

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Main Focus: Questions and Answers

This reading activity helps your class develop their skills in asking a range of retrieval questions by reading answers.

We have also included different variations of this question and answer activity to cater for both Year 1 and Year 2 classes.

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