How To Catch Santa

How To Catch Santa

A laugh-out-loud funny Christmas picture book, packed full of essential Santa-catching tips and activity ideas.

Have you always wanted to talk to Santa? Then you need this book!

You could… write Santa some riddles. Bake him some cookies. Listen out for sleigh-bells. Scatter carrots in the garden. Or leave him a special note.

And remember: Be crafty. Be clever. Be gentle. Good luck!

Main Focus: Asking or Telling Sentences

In this resource, your class must decide whether each sentence is asking or telling something.

Your KS1 class will add in either a question mark or a full stop to complete each sentence.

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Main Focus: Reading for Meaning

In this activity, your class will read the sentences of the things they could give to Santa and how show their understanding, they will draw a picture below each sentence.

There are 12 things to draw altogether and the things are a mixture of the ideas from the story and our own.

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Main Focus: Sequencing Instructions

This resource is linked to the book How to Catch Santa and focuses on Sequencing the instructions.

Your Y1 / Y2 class must read the instructions carefully and place them into chronological order.

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Main Focus: Capital Letters and Full Stops

This activity focuses on adding in capital letters and full stops.

The capital letters are used at the beginning of the sentences, Santa and Christmas. Your class can write the capital letter above the lower case letter.

We have also added in an activity at the bottom for your class to write the first capital letter for each of Santa’s reindeer.

We have also differentiated this for KS1 classes.

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Main Focus: Commas for Lists

This is a good activity to complete before children begin to write their own lists for Santa.

This activity highlights the need to commas to separate items in a Christmas list.

Your class must decide where the commas must go in each letter from a child.

It is important that children have done work before on using commas for lists and know there is no comma before ‘and’ at the end of each sentence.

Note: One sentence has been included that doesn’t require commas.

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Main Focus: Word Bank - My Plan to Catch Santa

In this activity your class will discuss or write their own plan to catch Santa.

We have created a word bank to give your kids ideas of things they may need in order to create a plan. They can also add in their own pictures and words.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

Your class can complete this comprehension activity after reading the book. This is aimed at Year 1 and Year 2 with the easier activity asking you children to circle the correct answers. 

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This is a brilliant activity for your class around Christmas time. Click the link to watch how it is made.

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