After the Fall

After the Fall by Dan Santat

My name is Humpty Dumpty.
I’m famous for falling off a wall.

(You may have heard about it.)

But that’s only half the story…
Because I decided to get back up.
And when I did, something amazing happened.

This story is about my life…

Inspiring and unforgettable, this epilogue to the beloved classic nursery rhyme will encourage even the most afraid to overcome their fears, learn to get back up–and reach new heights.

Main Focus: Alphabetical Order

Using an extract from the story After the Fall by Dan Santat, your class will place the words into alphabetical order.

The resource has been differentiated to focus on different levels of alphabetical order.

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Main Focus: Capital Letters and Full Stops

This resource focuses on capital letters and full stops using the story.

Your class will add in the missing punctuation to complete the sentences.

The children can edit the resource opposed to rewriting the sentences.

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Main Focus: Comprehension

After reading the story allow your class to complete this comprehension resource for KS1.

Your class will answer different questions about the story and use the story and their memory to answer accurately.

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Main Focus: Phonics

In this KS1 phonics activity, your class will read the passages and try to find the sounds within it. Your class will make a list of the words that include the particular sounds from different phonics phases.

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Main Focus: Questions

This activity involves your class thinking of questions to match the answers given relating to events in the story.

Your class will read the answers carefully and write a suitable question to match.


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Main Focus: Sequencing

How are your children with retelling events within a story in chronological order?

This sequencing activity for Year 1 / Year 2 allows your class to read and reflect on the events and place them into order.

It would be a good idea to cut the passages out and allow your kids to place the events and then edit should they make an error.

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Main Focus: Word Class

This activity involves your class reading through the passages taken from the story and identify nouns, verbs and adjectives.

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Main Focus: Word Mat and Close Sentences

Your class can use the word mat to help with their independent writing when completing a recount or their own creative writing.

Alternatively, you can use the words or pictures to complete the cloze sentences challenges.

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